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Jeff and Gina Kirby have developed quite a passion for the world of wine.  Both originally from Ohio, Gina spent a large part of her life in Arizona and in the wine region of Northern California (Half Moon Bay/San Francisco).  She developed an immense enthusiasm for wine during this time and later introduced Jeff to the wonderful world of “fine” wine.  They took numerous trips visiting wineries everywhere, especially Arizona, California and Ohio and treasured every moment of it.  They joked quite often about having their “own little wine place” to let others recognize what a fantastic fixation wine really is.  After learning a great deal about wine, Jeff mentioned to Gina that he was interested in trying his hand at making some wine.  Gina rolled her eyes and then jumped right in once two large, frozen buckets of 2007 Napa River Valley cabernet sauvignon grapes arrived at their door.  “I realized he was serious,” Gina joked.  They squeezed them all by hand with a straining bag and they instantly fell in love with winemaking from that point forward.  Before you knew it, they had their basement filled with oak barrels & wine bottles.  “A bottle of wine to me,” Jeff remarked, “is like taking a virtual trip to where the grapes in the bottle were grown.  It’s a piece of art from the label on the outside to the good stuff on the inside.”  Their dream was literally starting to happen without them even knowing it.

After moving back to Ohio from Arizona to be closer to family, the couple came up with the idea of an urban winery and began to research, eventually hiring a winery consultant and began their search for the perfect spot.  Jeff and Gina’s love for the downtown Powell lead them to a great spot and they officially opened the doors of the Powell Village Winery in 2011.  With the success of the Powell location, the Kirby’s set out to do another winery on a much larger scale.  With its local shops & restaurants, handcrafted drinks and urban vibe, downtown Delaware was always where they wanted this to be and they found their perfect spot in May of 2017.  “Delaware is where this belongs,” Jeff said.  Their juices and grapes are shipped in from primarily from the Central Coast and Central Valley of California, as well as the Columbia Valley in Washington State, to their production facility down the road from the tasting room.  There, Jeff, along with his Dad, Dave and Gina’s Dad, Mark, produce all the wines for the tasting rooms.